There are a lot of teams in the NFL who have great players, but I think the top teams who are going to the super bowl are the 49ers on the NFC side and for the AFC it was a close call, but I think the Patriots will make it to the Super Bowl (again). If those two teams do make it, I think the Patriots will win. But it is hard to guarantee the Patriots will make it because they have to go up against the Chiefs and Ravens.My second choice would be the Patriots and Seahawks, followed by Chiefs and either 49ers or Seahawks.(This is just my opinion.)

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One thought on “Which teams are going to the Super Bowl?

  1. Hey Jeremy,
    Your prediction is very interesting! But I think either the Ravens and the Seahawks will go to the super bowl or Ravens and Saints. This year I don’t think the Patriots will go to the super bowl. I guess we’ll have to see till the super bowl.

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